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Anubhav Shrivastava  


As a co-founder of Etcetera Technologies, he brings a wealth of experience as a computer programmer to the table. With a diverse skillset in languages such as C#, PHP, PERL, PYTHON, ROR, and C++, as well as expertise in databases like MSSQL, MySQL, and ADO.NET, he has worked on numerous national and international projects and is highly respected in the industry. As the Director of IT, he plays a critical role in technological research and development at the company and is an invaluable asset to the team.

Govind P


He is a co-founder with a wealth of experience and knowledge at the core of his expertise. He has worked with successful startups in the past and has extensive knowledge in Python, blockchain technology, Ethereum, and crypto game development. As the lead of the blockchain and game development team, he is a master of these technologies and is highly skilled in management. His forte with management is unparalleled.

Utkarsh Patidar

He has done his graduation from the most renowned National Institution of Design Ahemdabad and is involved in UI UX and various creative and design elements. He is the Director of the Creative & Design team.

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