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Web Design Sun (collectively “Web Design Sun” or “we”) is an international software development company. Together with our subsidiaries, we have written this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to explain our online data protection practices. This Policy explains what information we will collect about you when you visit our websites and subsidiary sites (collectively “Websites”) at www.webdesignsun.com. We also collect your data when you send an email, fill in our contact form or apply for employment through our Website. This Policy outlines how we use to collect the information, how we use it, and how you, the data subject, can control our use of this data. We also explain our use of cookies and any limitations on our liability. Before you use our Website, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Policy and its details. It outlines specifically the extent of our use of your personal data. Our Websites are not suitable for children under 16, and we do not market to them. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 16. We include our Website Terms of Use at the end of this Policy. This Policy is part of our Terms of Use. Please note that we will update this policy and our Terms periodically, and we urge you to read it regularly for any updates.!


We follow the terms and dictates of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is an international protocol for the safe collection and use of online data. Web Design Sun controls and processes all personal data collected from this Website and other sources. The term controller means we have sole responsibility and discretion for our use of your personal information. We use third-party services for recruitment and other purposes. When you apply for employment, send us your resume, contact us regarding employment, or otherwise engage with career-related services, you agree we will collect personal information about you. You also agree to our transfer and sharing of this data to our third-party subsidiaries. In these cases, we remain the processor of your data. !


We only collect information that makes site navigation possible or allows you to interact with our subsidiary websites. !

How We Collect Data from our Websites

When you visit our Websites, you agree to the following types of collection activities: Information about the device you’re using, including make, model, and browser type. Data about how you use our Website, including your IP address, geographical location, referral link, page views, and Website navigation paths. Cookies. Web Design Sun uses cookies. An explanation about the type of cookies we use is in section 7 of this Policy. !


We only use your personal data in accordance with local and international law. Our use depends on a legitimate legal reason for using all personal data we have collected about you. We only use your personal data where we have a legal basis to do so. We will use your personal data when you have expressly consented to our use. We also share information when it’s necessary to comply with audits, investigations, and other legal situations. When we collect information about you from our Website, third parties, or outside sources, we will use it only in accordance with the limitations of the GDPR regarding legitimate business use, recruitment, legitimate business interests, marketing purposes, investor relations, and security protocols.!